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Own your first Digital Mall unit from 900 USDT !

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The first 3D Digital
mall in Southeast Asia

Digital Mall is a 3D virtual shopping mall in Malaysia and you can feel new experience here.

Digital Mall by Mega-babyverse allows users to visit a variety of stores selling different digital goods and view realistic photo 3D models, which customers can explore using their smartphones.

3 floors , 100 units

Digital Mall is divided into 3 floors. The ground floor has 25 shops, the 1st floor has 35 shops and the 2nd floor has 40 shops. A total of 100 stores that can meet your needs. Each store will be connected to the product ordering system.

There are 100 different stores selling digital goods.


Untitled design (1).png
Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Converge With Robotics.jpg

VR Robotics

One of the lots in Digital Mall that is interesting for robotic enthusiasts.

VR Robotic can improve skills, as well as new learning for you and at the same time allow you to learn hands on.

VR Robotics can also give you new experiences and make you have fun. It will be liked by young people who love a challenge.


VR Flight is on level 3.

The best VR for Flight Simulator can turn a game into something completely new. It can be enlivening while driving.
Not only that, VR Flight can give a new impetus to those aspiring to be pilots.

New VBS Icarus Curved Display System!.jpg
Untitled design (2).png


The Game Area is located on Level 1 of the Digital Mall. Here there are a variety of games for game enthusiasts.


How does Digital Mall
brings VALUE ?

1 ::  Invest & generate potential passive income

Why you must invest in Digital Mall ?

Low Investment Capital.png
Low Entry Barrier

You can now own a Digital Mall unit starting from as low as 900 USDT . A HUGE discount from the physical Digital Mall unit. 

24% Guaranteed Return

With a fixed and guaranteed rate of 24% p.a (based on our original price), you can earn more than placing a Fixed Deposit, with lower risk.

Buy Back Option
Buy Back Option

We offer buy back option after 24 months contract end to secure your investment capital.

Earn OVR Token
Lifetime Rental Free

For a business owner, you can run your business in your shoplot unit with lifetime free rental! You may also rent out a unit and collect rental income after 2 years contract end.

Receive Daily Interest

Investors will be entitled to a daily interest, for a period of 24 months.

Earn OVR Token

Investors are entitled OVR Token, which potentially has value in the near future.
(Like a cryptocurrency) 


How to purchase?

Get ready your Trust Wallet / metamask wallet

Get USDT & Smart Chain BNB in your wallet

Connect your wallet to Mega-babyverse NFT Marketplace
Choose your desire unit and buy

Visit the Digital Mall now

Choose your desired unit



Meet other investors and business owner here

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