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Nasi Lemak (NSLM) is a combination of some very smart marketing and a whole lot of hype that hope to take its investors straight to the moon!

Amid the rise of “memecoin”, NSLM was born due to the inspiration and LOVE for Nasi Lemak – a staple Malaysian dish that has been recognised as one of 10 most healthy international breakfast by Time Magazine.


Seeing the potential of online communities and the influence of decentralisation have in onboarding new market participants, NSLM has ambitious plans to pivot towards an experimental Web 3.0 community coin from just a “memecoin”.



NSLM DAO NFT-01-01.png


Own NFT & earn up to 36% annual return in USDT!

Return in daily basis

Only at

OVR Estate NFT Thumbnail-08.png
OVR Estate NFT Thumbnail-06.png
OVR Estate NFT Thumbnail-09.png


Nasi Lemak-01.png
NSLM Token Art-02.png
NSLM Token Art-02.png

Are you ready to take NSLM on a trip into space? Join NSLM army with our native token and make NSLM high AF! Earn rewards, participate in meme contests and more with this epic NSLM token!


NFT Marketplace

Nasi Lemak will have its own marketplace, where players can trade any real-world tokenised assets and any other NFTs with NSLM.



NSLM will pursue strategic DeFi partnerships/integrations to give NSLM holders more control over their finances.  


Play-To-Earn Metaverse Game


One token system, NSLM will act as a governance token which will allow users to earn via completing quests, tournaments and more. Various metaverse games will be launched featuring farming/gardening system & collecting ingredients of Nasi Lemak as an example. It is designed to take a huge chunk of NSLM out of circulation and back into NSLM ecosystem as adoption increases.


School of NSLM

School of NSLM will be a two-edged sword for the NSLM token. School of NSLM aims to strategically introduce the NSLM ecosystem to millions and billions of crypto users on its platform over the coming years. NSLM will be the main utility token of School of NSLM.


While most of the content will be freely accessible in line with School of NSLM’s goal of accelerating sharing of knowledge or skills, the NSLM token will still be required to perform certain functions in School of NSLM.


NSLM Merch


NSLM wants a mass adoption even in the real-world. NSLM is looking at reaching for strategic partnerships and integrations with the merchants and businesses in Malaysia as its first baby-step.




Perks of being NSLM holders? NSLM aims to pursue strategic partnerships and collaborations with NSLM Merch to offer certain privileges to NSLM holders.  Looking for unlimited free flow of Nasi Lemak and teh Tarik? Be excited!


NSLM Social


NSLM strives to promote social responsibility. NSLM will work with certain parties and fund social causes in the near future.


One-Team by NSLM


NSLM believes that acts of kindness can change the world for better.  NSLM will reserve a fixed percentage from the NSLM pool/sale of NFT for charitable events and pay-it-forward campaigns. NSLM wants our holders enjoy in the spirit of paying it forward and starting the day off on the right foot.

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