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OVR Token X Network

OVR Token X (OTX) is heading towards decentralized and immutable BEP-20 Token with a fixed token supply. OVR Token X is used for purchasing digital goods and services in the ecosystem.

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Search our contract address in BscScan:


Purple - Blue Gradient
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OVR Token X Ecosystem

Buy Assets

OVR Token X token can be used to buy assets within the virtual world. Assets can include buildings, vehicles, houses along with many others that found in the OVR Market.

Buy Land

Just like in the offline world, land is also a valuable commodity in OVR City. Tokens can be used to purchase land in the prime real estate hotspots such as overlooking the beach, or right in front of the city.

Buy Ads Space

OVR Token X can be used to buy advertising space, which can be used to generate a form of passive income and be on-sale to other parties for a healthy profit.

Buy or Generate NFTs.

The tokens can also be used to buy or generate NFTs, yet another way to earn additional income.

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Another way of earning passive income with OVR Token X can be done via staking, which we pay stakers a fixed percentage of profits based on how many tokens they stake.

Candy Cotton

Stake OTX Now
to enjoy 2% guaranteed return
per month!

Limited time staking plan, valid from 2021/10/01 - 2021/12/31 only

OVR Token X-04-04.png

Excited Program
related to OVR Token X (OTX)

Staking OTX

Get up to 12% return p.a.
when you stake OVR Token X in OVR Seed Bank!


NFT Marketplace

We are creating a Malaysia NFT Marketplace that belongs to the whole community of the country.

Show your support to the country by collecting Malaysia made digital product minted into NFT.

NFT_06 [Converted]-01.png

One 2 Earn OVR TX

Easily accumulate OVR Token X (OTX) by visiting to local shop through 360-degree Virtual Tour!
Start from free plan now!


AR OTX Hunting

Hunt OVR Token X with our AR gaming application
in different corner of Malaysia.

Treasure Hunt-01.png

NFT game

Collect our NFT(s) to get a chance to participate in NFT Game.

NFT Game-01.png

Play 2 Earn OVR Token X

Earn OVR Token X (OTX)
by participate in mini game!
Monthly giveaway 500,000 OTX to participants
Join now!

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