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Alibaba launches full VR shopping experience with Buy+

Virtual reality is the buzz everywhere. With multiple companies working to bring the technology to an affordable level, it becomes easier to integrate it into the modern lifestyle. Now it’s Alibaba’s turn to bring VR to consumers through its VR shopping experience.

Called Buy+, it does not require a big fancy HTC Vive or Oculus Rift—just a simple cardboard VR headset and smartphone combo will do, reports Forbes.

Buy+ allows customers to browse items in a virtual mall as if they were walking through the physical structure themselves. If anything, it’s like playing a video game. But unlike video games, customers can make real-time purchases, thanks to the system’s integration with Alipay. It’s as simple as navigating a virtual interface, so there is no need to remove the VR headset until the customer is done shopping.

Apart from giving shoppers more options, it also allows brands that do not have physical shops in certain markets, such as China, to reach a wider audience. It is also part of Alibaba’s effort to blend entertainment with commerce to make shopping entertaining for customers and not just another chore.



Now, you may experience VR Shopping in Malaysia as well! Welcome to VI-Mall

A new virtual reality shopping mall featuring virtual stores you can only visit digitally is on its way to you! VI-Mall by OVR acts as a virtual shopping center, allowing users to visit numerous stores selling different products and view photo-realistic 3D models of the products, which customers can explore VR using their smartphones.

Total 150 shoplot unit in the VI-Mall to serve your needs. Commercial shoplot is functionable with VI-Mall integrated E-commerce system, food ordering function, as well as appointment booking system.

Kick start your V-Commerce from VI-Mall.

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