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【Invest】 Details flow of invest a shop lot unit in VI-Mall

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

1: Register a Trust Wallet / Metamask Wallet to get your wallet address. (1st time? Refer to this guideline)

2. Go to OVR Pure Land, select a desire unit for invest, add to cart and make payment with your debit / credit card.

3. Fill up the required form to submit your details, including wallet address and bank account number for interest receiving purpose.

4. After confirmation on your identity, you will receive an email notification for a guideline of reveal your document including the proof of ownership, agreement, OVRTX Transaction Proof and Shoplot Unit (Collectible) Transfer Proof within 24 hours after your form submitted.

5. Dedicated Relationship Manager will contact you for further consultation according to your intention of purchasing our digital asset.


Still have problem? Leave a message to us now.

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