Difference between invest in Physical Property VS Virtual Property


Capital to invest in virtual property could be as low as RM3000.

For invest in physical property such as a medium cost apartment priced at RM150,000, you would need about RN22,500 capital upfront for the first purchase.


Procedure of investing in a virtual property is quick and simple. As you do not need to do complicated procedure (apply loan, engage lawyer), this help you to save time and cost.

Procedure of invest a physical property would be complicated and take time (waiting for loan approval, sign agreement)

Renovation cost

For virtual property, you can renovate with your own style for a few thousand ringgit only.

Basic renovation for physical property cost at least RM50,000


Virtual property is more easy to resell with just a few step.

Physical property would be harder to resell with the limit of location, financial issue and complicated procedure

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