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Facilities Update - VI Convention Centre

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

VI Convention Centre (VICC) in VI-Mall

VI Convention Centre is the highlight of 3rd floor in VI-Mall. It is a virtual convention centre that make your next event an immersive experience for your audience.

There are a total of 4 event halls in VI Convention Centre. Event organizers are invited to organize multiple events such as Business Fair, Trade Fair, Property Fair, Job/Career Fair, Wedding Fair, Education Fair, Pet Fair, Furniture Fair, Chinese New Year Fair and more in VICC!

This is the standard design of the event space. There are 50 exhibition booths in each event hall. Every booth comes with booth numbers, space for booth name, TV space which able to fit in digital banner / video.

Of course, you may contact our relationship manager for event space customization according to your theme!

As a event organizer in VICC, you entitled a quality and representative 3D logo designed by One VR team. It will be placed in the middle of event hall, you may add on few button and lead audience to learn more about your company.

Stage is available in each hall, and you can insert video introduction for your event, performance or showcase at the stage area.

Besides, you can conduct a youtube live by using the stage in VICC. Video can be insert to the stage which allow you to show to your audience.

You may also place your sponsorship logo here as an advertisement.

VICC is a new digital space that can be designed to bring out the best in you. Want to be the owner of VICC? Contact us now!

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