Features & facilities of VICC template design

If you don't have any idea on customizing the whole virtual event space for your coming activities, don't worry! You may use our template design and input the element of your brand!

Let's take a look what facilities are included in VICC template design and which area you are able to customize:

1. Large size event hall with 50 exhibition booths

With this large size event hall, you able to held different kind of event and activities such as trade fair, career fair, education fair that need to fit in multiple exhibitors.

2. Functionable Exhibition Booth

Every booth comes with booth numbers, space for booth name, TV space which able to fit in digital banner / video. Besides, buttons can be added on each booth such as facebook, website, whatsapp or video call function, audience can be direct to related URL and engage with exhibitors.

3. Your 3D Logo in the middle of event hall