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Guangzhou shopping mall in China that started WeChat VR tour

In China, in addition to the ban on going out, many shops and shopping malls on the street are also closed. However, in order to realize the idea that consumers want to go out and shop, while turning self-sufficiency mode into a business opportunity, K11, which runs a shopping mall chain in Guangzhou, has launched a 360-degree virtual reality shopping mall that can be accessed from WeChat.

This virtual reality service name is K11 VR environment. In the shopping mall, you can shop at 46 brands such as Lego, DJI, GoPro, and Sonos, and you can also ask a store clerk via video phone. Visitors can walk around and appreciate the stores in the shopping mall like a Google map, and when they look at the shelves, product images and prices are displayed on cards, and they can click to shop. You can’t try on clothes, but except for that, it’s like buying them on other sites.

It was an AI development company (Aibee) that provided the technology for this service. It can be automatically scanned across the virtual reality mapping robot 100~200m 2 shopping malls within an hour and can be made through this service. In addition, payment can be made by reading the code sent by the clerk even within the virtual reality space, and it has a WeChat Pay payment function.

In China, 65% of large department stores and shopping malls are closed, and buyers are said to have decreased by more than 85%. However, it is said that more than 200,000 customers have already visited the K111 VR experience.



Now, you may experience VR Shopping in Malaysia as well! Welcome to VI-Mall

A new virtual reality shopping mall featuring virtual stores you can only visit digitally is on its way to you!

VI-Mall by OVR acts as a virtual shopping center, allowing users to visit numerous stores selling different products and view photo-realistic 3D models of the products, which customers can explore VR using their smartphones.

Total 150 shoplot unit in the VI-Mall to serve your needs. Commercial shoplot is functionable with VI-Mall integrated E-commerce system, food ordering function, as well as appointment booking system.

Click here to visit to VI-Mall!

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