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HTC introduce a VR headset (Vive Flow) that doesn't need a PC with the selling price of RM2073!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

HTC, a global smart mobile device and immersive technology manufacturer, held a global new product launch conference and officially launched the new immersive VR glasses VIVE FLow. This VR glasses can be connected with a smartphone to provide a new VR control experience.

Unlike the all-in-one VR device, HTC VIVE FLow is lighter. It does not have a fixed headband, but uses a way of wearing like glasses. At the same time, VIVE FLow can be folded down for easy storage. The magnetic pad inside the HTC VIVE FLow can be removed and supports hand washing with water and detergent, which is convenient for replacing the pad when sharing equipment.

The weight of the HTC VIVE Flow is only 189g, and the exclusive cooling system is used inside to keep the eyes dry, allowing VIVE Flow to have both a lightweight body and a comfortable wearing experience. It is worth noting that HTC VIVE Flow can be connected to a smart phone, and it can be connected via USB-C wired connection or wireless connection.

HTC VIVE Flow has relatively independent computing power and supports the operation of more than 100 VR contents. HTC VIVE FLow needs to be connected to an external battery, and the USB-C port on the side is connected to various mobile power sources. HTC VIVE FLow supports 3.2K resolution, 100-degree field of view and 75Hz refresh rate. The built-in speaker supports 3D spatial audio. The built-in dual microphones with echo cancellation and noise reduction functions provide an immersive sound experience. Also supports external Bluetooth headsets.

In addition, HTC VIVE FLow lenses can adjust the refractive power to meet the needs of myopic users, thereby eliminating the trouble of wearing glasses or inserting lenses. HTC VIVE Flow does not have a controller, nor does it support hand tracking, but users can control it by using a smartphone. Currently it only supports Android devices, not iOS devices. Its built-in camera allows you to see the outside world.

As for the price, HTC VIVE FLow is priced at US dollars 499 (approximately RM2073), and pre-orders are available in the United States. In addition, HTC VIVE Flow also launched a special VIVEPORT subscription plan-unlimited membership lightweight version, priced at 5.99 US dollars per month (about RM25), allowing users to download and experience unlimited VR content, covering video, leisure , Art, education, games and applications. Officials said that VIVEPORT's content will continue to be updated, and will continue to provide users with more exciting VR experiences.


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