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Malaysia VR Chinese New Year Carnival 2.0

As a virtual reality (VR) technology company in Malaysia, One VR held the first ever online virtual Chinese New Year carnival in the form of VR throughout the Chinese New Year period in 2021. Public can instantly teleport to 360° virtual scenes and there were more than 70 participating merchants! It can be easily accessible with mobile gadgets even without any VR equipment.

Welcome to Virtual CNY Carnival 2022!

With overwhelming responses during the first CNY Carnival, One VR decided to host another round - Virtual CNY Carnival 2022.

The event will be located in front of VI-Mall. There are 25 virtual ships with oriental-style designed, with 2 merchants being accommodated for each virtual ship. The whole event will be capable of getting 50 merchants to get onboard, to showcase and put on sale their Chinese New Year products.

The public can get their items ordered and delivered directly to their doorstep. In addition, One VR will have exciting events & lucky draws - lots of attractive prizes to be won!

🌸🌸 CNY Gift Set 🌸🌸

🌸🌸 Festive Food & Beverage 🌸🌸

🌸🌸 Decoration 🌸🌸

Introduction to the Metaverse by One VR - MegaBabyVerse

The term Metaverse has been quite a heat ever since Facebook announced the change of the company’s name to ‘Meta’. But what exactly is a metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual world that doesn’t exist. Take your time to walkthrough the surrounding of VI-Mall, you might find surprises somewhere! One VR hereby welcome all to join and build MegaBabyVerse together!

What special experience this virtual city will bring us, and how to change our lives, let's stay tuned!


📌 Event Information:

Date for place order:Today - 28/1/2022

Order Link

VR CNY Carnival:7/1/2022 - 28/1/2022

Visit URL Link:Pending

Follow FB Page for latest update:VI Convention Centre by One VR

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