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Malaysian singer Namewee releases NFT of ‘FRAGILE’ song making RM3.5mil

The Malaysian, Taipei-based singer, Namewee, has become an overnight millionaire through NFT sales of his satirical song ‘Fragile’. The song is a duet with Australian artist Kimberly Chen. Namewee released it as a collection of 100 NFTs on Opensea. It proved immensely popular and sold out within hours, recording sales of 209 ETH.

In addition to this, the artist produced a song called ‘Go NFT‘, which is a song dedicated to NFTs, in a separate collection of 100 NFTs. In total, there are 200 Namewee NFTs.

This is an intelligent move by Namewee. The artist is taking advantage of his popularity at the moment due to the song ‘Fragile’. The song itself was first released last month and became a viral sensation.

Fragile features references to Chinese President Xi Jinping and covered sensitive topics like Covid-19, censorship and the Uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim ethnic group in Northwest China. It also featured vivid imagery, including a pink theme and pandas, a stab at nationalists.

According to China’s Global Times newspaper, China moved to censor Namewee shortly after the song was released. The government banned their Weibo accounts and removed references to their works online. With 10 million views, the ban has not worked. Quite an ironic turn of events considering the song is predominantly about state censorship.

One of the reasons NameWee is using NFTs to promote his music is because no one can take them down, “Certainly not China; they cannot take anything down whenever they feel like it.”, the artist remarked.

NameWee has promised to keep his Eth and not convert it into cash. In a Facebook post, he added, “No matter how much money I make, it will circulate in the virtual world forever.”



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