Interested in NFT market? OVR Token X Network invite Malaysian to participate with low capital!

Metaverse has been dominating the headlines for the last couple of weeks after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the Facebook corporate company has changed its name to ‘Meta’. According to Zuckerberg, this rebrand is a part of the company’s major step towards helping to build the metaverse. 

For investors, this is also a new investment channel and opportunity. However, investors are more cautious in their decision-making towards NFT or Cryptocurrency as it is new. From the current point of view, the entry threshold for investing in virtual world assets is lower than physical-world assets, hence there is more room for growth.

  1. How to enter this attractive but unfamiliar investment market?

  2. What cryptocurrency needs to be purchased as a medium of transaction?

  3. Is the process cumbersome?

  4. How to choose a potential NFT among the massive NFTs? How to exit?

These various questions are in the minds of many people, so people currently on the sidelines and dare not step into this new investment project.

OVR Token X NFT Marketplace

OVR Token X Marketplace is created by Malaysia Virtual Reality (VR) Technology company - One VR Malaysia. Most of the NFTs issued in the ready-market are in the form of art pieces or collectibles. In Token X NFT Marketplace, most NFTs are closely related to physical and offline industries, including minting properties, businesses, entertainment, and etc into NFTs. We name this process as Tokenization.

Through the tokenization process, investors can invest in various business industries or properties with a low barrier, and diversification of investment portfolios can be maximized.

And of course, One VR is going to launch their metaverse, we can found their Virtual Land, Building, as well as those Virtual Asset in OVR Token X Marketplace, stay tuned for their latest update.

Currency of Exchange

There are two main currencies involved in Token X NFT Marketplace, first is BUSD, which is a stable coin pegged to USD, and our crypto token, OVR Token X (OTX). For beginners in the crypto space, a simple and complete tutorial is ready for you to obtain BUSD and OTX easily.


Highlights of Token X NFT Marketplace



In Token X NFT Markeplace, there are few highlight features that you can take note of. First is pre-sale. When a new NFT is launched, usually there is a one-month pre-sale period. You can purchase or invest in your favorite NFTs with this pre-sale price.

After the pre-sale period ends, the NFTs will be sold at the original price. So you can earn the difference by selling your NFTs at the original price.

Reward / Guaranteed Return

There is a properties section at the bottom of each NFT, which will indicate whether this NFT generates additional rewards to NFT Holders. If the Guaranteed Return is marked, it means that NFT holders will get a fixed percentage of annual reward, and this reward is calculated based on the original price.

For example, The One App NFT has guaranteed 12% reward per year, and the original price is BUSD10. If you buy 20 NFTs worth BUSD200, you will get 1% return every month, which is BUSD2 per month. In 1 year, you will receive BUSD24, which is 12% per annum.

How to receive reward