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OVR Token X is going to launch first business tokenization project —— The One Mobile App

The platform-based business model is taking a stronger grip on the digital economies. In fact, seven out of ten of the world’s most valuable companies today are platforms. Most recently, this trend has accelerated even further as companies cross-industry have started to shift away from single purpose to multipurpose apps, resulting in the rise of a brand-new breed of product – the Super App.

THE ONE App Malaysia

What does THE ONE App offer?

The Idea of Tokenization The One App

Inspired by the blockchain technology and increasing of adoptability of this technology, the founders and managing partners of The One App decided to tokenize the App, to allow the divisibility of the App. The conversion of the App into fractions while also ensuring ownership of fractions allows better prospects for liquidity. The reduced barriers would encourage more people to invest in The One App.

Without any intermediaries function, investors could access to investment opportunities that would have been conventionally impossible on the grounds of high minimum investment threshold or due to infrastructure or geographical reasons. Traditionally, if you want to invest in an app business today, you will need a minimum of at least $20,000 to kick start, whilst with The One Tokenization process, you can start investing in the App as low as $10!

Furthermore, blockchain offers the benefit of transparency by default, and all transactions on a blockchain network are accessible to everybody. The value of transparency allows better traceability while improving trust over origins and ownership of The One App.

Guaranteed Monthly 1% Return

With a guaranteed dividend monthly return of 1% per month, you will get a return of 12% per annum which better hedges the yearly inflation rate. But we do provide a better offer, the guaranteed return % will increase if the download rate of The One App rises!

From the information, The One App tokenization project will mint into 25,000 copy of NFT with price BUSD10 per NFT, this project estimated will be launched in December 2021. Stay tuned and follow The One App Malaysia and OVR Token X Network for the official announcement.

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