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Ownership of VI-Mall's shop unit is listed in Opensea (NFT marketplace)

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible token or NFT is actually a collectible digital asset. It holds value in the form of cryptocurrency as well as in the form of representatives for art or culture. Just like art is a promising investment with considerable value, NFTs also enjoy the benefit of value.

OpenSea is also the largest among NFT marketplaces. It provides various non-fungible token varieties such as art, virtual worlds, sports, censorship-resistant domain names, collectibles, and trading cards.

It allows you to purchase, sell and explore exclusive digital assets from this platform.

One VR Malaysia offer an Investment allow you to hold a NFT asset (Shop unit in VI-Mall)

The ownership of shoplot unit is listed in a public NFT marketplace — Open Sea. As an investor, you have the chance to sell your ownership to international market

Virtual City by One VR Malaysia

One VR Malaysia is in the middle of building a virtual city. Public are allowed to own the digital asset such as building, commercial shoplot, residential, resort and villa for investment in NFT.

Stay tuned for the upcoming project!

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