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The super powerful new mutant virus "Covid-22" may appear in 2022! ! !

The immunology professor Sai Reddy warned that the combination of the existing multiple variants may cause the pandemic to enter a new stage. In the future, there may be a new variant "Covid-22" that is more deadly than the Delta virus. In 2022, everyone must be prepared for it.

Sai Reddy previously disclosed in the German news media Blick that he called the Delta virus "Covid-21", which is the most contagious variant, but in the next stage of the pandemic, there will be inevitable development, which is the combination of Delta virus, Beta virus, Gamma virus, etc., and powerful new mutant viruses with the characteristics of each mutant strain will be born.

"Covid-22 may make the situation worse than now," Sai Reddy said. Once such a variant appears, people must find it as soon as possible, and vaccine vendors must also act quickly because it is a huge risk. Everyone must be prepared, "This will be a big problem next year."

Sai Reddy further explained that, according to recent scientific research, Delta’s viral load is so high that anyone who has not been vaccinated may become a super spreader after being vaccinated. Children under the age of 12 who are not yet open to vaccinations become a hidden concern. In addition, its high viral load can also break through the defense line of vaccination. "We need to use higher antibodies to deal with it. This is also the effect of the third dose of booster."


The changes of business model and channel.

The epidemic is getting worse and gradually affecting physical store business, customers are becoming fewer, and some businesses have even been forced to temporarily closed. Major brands have begun to turn their business online to sustain their business.

Investing in physical store will require a huge expenses for every month, such as monthly rental, utilities, salary of staff and etc.

However, investing in a virtual store require a small capital and it is less risky than a physical store. Besides, it could be more cost effective when you run your business in virtual store as there is a low operating cost which does not require any kind of warehouse, inventory, transportation vehicles, or manpower expenses. Customers can enjoying to shop at your virtual store without worrying about any virus outbreaks.

VI-Mall —— Southeast Asia 1st 3D Virtual Shopping Mall

A new virtual reality shopping mall featuring virtual stores you can only visit digitally is on its way to you! VI-Mall by OVR acts as a virtual shopping centre, allowing users to visit numerous stores selling different products and view photo-realistic 3D models of the products, which customers can explore VR using their smartphones.

150 units available in VI-Mall

Total 150 shoplot unit in the VI-Mall to serve your needs. Commercial shoplot is functionable with VI-Mall integrated E-commerce system, food ordering function, as well as appointment booking system.

You can invest in VI-Mall and be the owner of the shop unit now! Invest in VI-Mall with the price as low as RM3000 per shop unit.

Own a shop unit in VI-Mall and you can:

1. Rent it out for business use and 'earn rental'

2. Run a business (Lifetime Rental-Free)

3. Get monthly interest of RM100 for 24 months

4. Buy Back Option (secure your investment capital)

5. Entitle a Referral Bonus

6. Earn OVR Token

Learn more about VI-Mall investment program:


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