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What are the tools of the virtual store application?

There are many tools that can be used to customize your virtual store. So, do you know what these tools do?

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Item describes directory purpose


You may click the 'information' button to view a clear product image. As you can add on Menu, Photo Album, Testimonial, Certificates, and Customer Feedback.


Put your business video in a place that captures audience's attention and draws them to learn more. Enable to click and view enlarged version.


You may link to your company website or any social media platform. Get notified and respond in real-time.

Floor Plan

A tool that indicates your current location.


Type of locomotion that allows you to move around a VR environment with minimal discomfort. With teleportation, you can point the controller at a location you want to move to, then initiates the teleportation action, they are transitioned to that location via a rapid animation tuned to maintain your using experiences.

Appointment System

Allows your client to register and reduces the waiting time. You and your clients will be notified via email.

Live Guided Tour

Live guided tours allow you to have video conference calls on top of a virtual tour. Have your audience dial in to talk and guide them through the virtual tour. Taking turns controlling the virtual tour, one will always see where the other navigates.

Digital Avatar

A digital avatar is created by photos or virtual characters. What takes digital avatar one step further than ordinary bots is that people are more comfortable interacting with human-like beings. Evidence from both the academic and business world supports that avatar can improve customer satisfaction and enhance sales. It is a language setting to introduces your products and services step by step as a promoter.

Voice Over

Voiceover is a person speaking (but not seen) during a video. Often used to explain and describe what the viewer is seeing on the virtual store, to add more content to the visuals. Whereas narration is a specific voiceover that details all of the on-screen action.

Integrated Food Ordering System / E-Commerce Platform

Online ordering has come up in a big way! You may plug our food ordering system(OVR Food) and e-commerce platform (OVR Mall) into your virtual store. Need not worry that the virtual store is mobile and desktop friendly, clients can place orders and inquiries without any hassles.

Panorama (360 degrees photo/video)

Utilize panoramic technology to make your physical store become more realizable. Panoramic photography is a photography technique that uses specialized equipment or software to capture images with a horizontally elongated field of view. The aspect ratio and coverage of the field of view are both important factors that define a true panoramic image. Image stitching, display a preview of the current photo and the next photo when you shoot. The wider the lens, the more curved the panorama.

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