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Who should run their business in VI-Mall?

1. Retail Shop

Fashion and accessories, homeware and gifts, sports and outdoors, electronics and others. VI-Mall reserved 75-90 units of retail shop lot for the retailer to run their business

2. Service Retailer

Beauty services, massage center, education center and others.

VI-Mall reserved 15 units of service shop lot for the service provider to run their business

3. F&B Retailer

Fast food, cuisine food, beverage store and others.

VI-Mall reserved 45-60 units of F&B retailer lot for the F&B retailer to run their business

What you can get when you run your business in VI-Mall?

1. Immersive Shopping Experience

With the modernizing shopping experience, shoppers can completely immersed in the perfect 3D world and this help to reflect your brand, services and products better

2. Gain Competitive Advantage

A VR experience allows visitors to stay on your shop as long as possible, this will also impress your customers

3. Increase sales

Through the implementation of virtual reality, consumers can experience the "use before pay" marketing technique and effectively increase business sales. Consumer can experience your products and services without visiting to your physical store, and the interaction is quite high.

4. Fully Functional System

E-commerce system, food ordering system, appointment system which help to improve your business

5. Cost-Effective

Low operating cost as does not require any kind of warehouse, inventory, transportation vehicles, or staff

6. Contactless Payment

Payment gateway system allow your customer to do payment transaction without any contact

7. Enhance Brand Image

Create targeted and personalized experiences while increasing brand awareness and collecting real-time data on consumer preferences

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