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Why should you own a virtual property?(VI-Mall)

1. Low Entry Barrier

You can now own a shopping mall unit starting from as low as RM 5,000. A HUGE discount from the physical shopping mall unit.

2. Able to Resell

Most people will get involved with virtual property for the prospects of making money. There are a lot of people earning a living from reselling them. Investing in virtual property for their resale value can lead to huge profits. Some of these have been resold for more than 20,000 USD while only a few thousand dollars were invested by the original buyer. By reselling, they made over 15,000 USD in just a trade!

3. Increase in value

Upon buying them, you can hold on to them and their value will increase over time.

4. NFT Marketplace

The ownership of shoplot unit is listed in a public NFT marketplace — Open Sea, as an investor, you have the chance to sell your ownership to international market.

Take a look of the virtual property that sold for $500,000!

The home—dubbed “Mars House” by Krista Kim, the digital artist who created it—sold for 288 Ether, a cryptocurrency that has a current worth of $1,715. At the time of the sale, the U.S. dollar amount was worth $514,557.79.

You might be the next one, contact our team for more information now!

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