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Why you should run a business in VI-Mall?

1. Reach your customers without any limitation of location

VI-Mall allows you to grow your business beyond your physical location. This enables your prospective customers to find your products and services from any location.

2. Run Business 24/7

VI-Mall allows customers to visit your business 24/7. Your online virtual store will be accessible on a 24 hour basis and customers can conveniently make their purchases whenever they need to.

3. Enhance Brand Image

Create targeted and personalized experiences while increasing brand awareness and collecting real-time data on consumer preferences.

4. High Customer Traffic Flow

As there are cinema, convention centre and other retailers in VI-Mall, this help to increase traffic volume and expose to the public

5. Immersive Shopping Experience

With the modernizing shopping experience, shoppers can explore virtual stores, select, check items in 3D before deciding to purchase with just a look.

6. Fully Functional System

All-in-one marketing tools and ordering system to keep your sales procedure simple.

7. "Renovate" your shop unit

You can renovate your shop unit in VI-Mall with your own style with the price as low as RM1000

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