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Own your 1st shopping mall unit from RM5,000

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Southeast Asia 1st 3D Virtual Mall

A new virtual reality shopping mall featuring virtual stores you can only visit digitally is on its way to you! 

VI-Mall by OVR acts as a virtual shopping centre, allowing users to visit numerous stores selling different products and view photo-realistic 3D models of the products, which customers can explore VR using their smartphones. 

150 units available

Total 150 shoplot unit in the VI-Mall to serve your needs. Commercial shoplot is functionable with VI-Mall integrated E-commerce system, food ordering function, as well as appointment booking system.

Allocation of commercial category as stated below:

Retail : 50% - 60% (75-90 units)
Services : 10% (15 units)
F&B : 30% - 40% (45-60 units)

**Not including 3 largest corner shoplot in each floor

150 shoplot unit available
At the Grocery Shop

Malaysian's Grocery

One of the corner lot is allocated to grocery. With the combination of online and offline, VI-Mall's grocery able to serve whole Malaysia as there are multiple physical retail shop around Malaysia and supported by complete transportation network. Consumers able to receive their daily needs within 24 hours after order place.

Immersive shopping experience is the most excited point of our grocery. We transform the way of shopping!

VI-Max Cinema

A highlight of 2nd floor. Can you imagine watching movies with your friends and family in a virtual cinema? We are excited to announce that we have a place without worrying about any virus outbreaks while enjoying yourself with your loved ones.

Last but not least, always have your popcorns prepped! 

VI Max Cinema_edited.jpg
Lobby of VICC.png

VI Convention Centre

VI Convention Centre (VICC) is located on 3rd Floor of VI Mall. Whether locally or internationally, exhibitions or trade fairs can be carried out in an extraordinary method.

With our continuous effort to attract traffics to our shopping mall, we, too will indirectly attract visitors to VICC.

Press Release:

One VR featured in MalaysiaKini
One VR featured in MalaysiaKini
One VR featured in MalaysiaKini 当今大马
Money Compass.jpg

How does VI Mall brings VALUE?

1 ::  Invest & generate potential passive income

Why you must invest in VI-Mall?

Low Investment Capital.png
Low Entry Barrier

You can now own a shopping mall unit starting from as low as RM 5,000. A HUGE discount from the physical shopping mall unit. 

12% guaranteed return

With a fixed and guaranteed rate of 12% p.a (based on our original price), you can earn more than placing a Fixed Deposit, with lower risk.

Buy Back Option
Buy Back Option

We offer buy back option after 24 months contract end to secure your investment capital.

Entitle a Referral Bonus

By referring your friends and families to invest/rent a unit to run their business, you will get an additional referral bonus from us. 

Earn referral Bonus
Earn OVR Token
Lifetime Rental-Free

For a business owner, you can run your business in your shoplot unit with lifetime free rental! You may also rent out a unit and collect rental income after 2 years contract end.

Receive monthly Interest

Investors will be entitled to a monthly interest, for a period of 24 months.

NFT Marketplace

The ownership of shoplot unit is listed in a public NFT marketplace — Open Sea, as an investor, you have the chance to sell your ownership to international market.

Earn OVR Token
Earn OVR Token

Investors are entitled OVR Token, which potentially has value in the near future.
(Like a cryptocurrency) 

How to purchase?

a Trust Wallet /
Metamask Account

Choosing desire unit and make payment on OVR Pure Land

Download zip file and follow the PDF guideline to fill up the information
Dedicated Relationship Manager will contact and sent you the agreement

RM5,000/shoplot unit
12% p.a. guaranteed rate!

√  Enjoy RM5,000 discount rate (Original Price RM10,000)
√  Monthly distribute 1% interest base on original price of shoplot unit (RM100)
​√  Earn extra referral bonus if successfully refer anyone to rent the shoplot
√ With 24 months lock contract 
√ For first 20 shoplot unit only
​√ First come first serve basis

Grab your first digital property investment now!

2 ::  Rent with us and run your business with a new channel

Enhance Brand Image

Create targeted and personalized experiences while increasing brand awareness and collecting real-time data on consumer preferences.

High Customer Traffic Flow

You need not worry about the traffic volume as we have a huge base of retailers and customers in our VI-MALL.

Immersive Shopping Experience

With the modernizing shopping experience, shoppers can explore virtual stores, select, check items in 3D before deciding to purchase with just a look.

Fully Functional System

All in one marketing tools and ordering system to keep your sales procedure simple.


The value that VR brings is much larger than the setup cost in the long run. 


How to rent?

Fill up leasing request form, dedicated relationship manager will contact you within 24 hours

- Finalize store design
- Submit rental documentation

- Make Payment

Receive rental agreement / receipt
Start your V-Commerce and market to public

Enjoy 1st year Rental FREE!

Special Rate for 1st 20 units rental! (Original RM1,000/month)

√  E-commerce integration
√  Digital Avatar x 1
√  Unlimited add on digital banner / video
​√  Lifetime Technical Support

​**Exclude Store Customization Fee
​**T&C Applied

Visit to VI-Mall now

Choose your desired unit

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